Goji Berries Extract, 300 grams / 0.66 lbs

Superior, estrogenic activity avoiding packaging

Shipped free worldwide from Thailand

Goji Berries Extract, 300 grams / 0.66 lbs loose extract powder can be paid through PayPal, and it will be shipped from Thailand by airmail or, where available, by ePacket. Tracking is provided. Shipping to most parts of the world takes about two weeks. If more than 1 bottle is ordered to avail of discounts, the bottles are shipped one-by-one about a week apart. This method avoids customs inconveniences. We always guarantee the arrival of a shipment.

1 bottle (300 grams), 85 USD

2 bottles (600 grams), 136 USD

4 bottles (1200 grams), 216 USD


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