Tongkat Ali / Shiitake Longevity Formula, 400 capsules @ 300 mg

Tongkat ali extends life through hormonal support, shitake stabilizes the function of many organs

Superior, estrogenic activity avoiding packaging

This product is also available as loose extraxt powder which can be mixed into orange juice, milk, tea, or plain water. Compared with capsules on a per-gram basis, the price of loose extract powders is less than half, typically just 40 percent. With bulk loose extract powders, it is also easier to stack, or to modify a stack to tilt the blend towards specific desired effects. See here for the bulk loose extract.

Shipped free worldwide (including USA) from Thailand

Tongkat Ali / Shiitake Longevity Formula, 400 capsules @ 300 mg can be paid through PayPal, and it will be shipped from Thailand by airmail or, where available, by ePacket. Tracking is provided. Shipping to most parts of the world takes about two weeks. If more than 1 bottle is ordered to avail of discounts, the bottles are shipped one-by-one about a week apart. This method avoids customs inconveniences. We always guarantee the arrival of a shipment.

1 bottle (400 caps), 85 USD

2 bottles (800 caps), 136 USD

4 bottles (1600 caps), 216 USD

Tongkat ali and old age

Sexual enhancement with a tongkat ali stack and meaning in life

Tongkat ali changes your life and changes your mind: from now on, everything else is subordinate to great sex

Tongkat ali is a proven game changer. Great sex at any age.

As you get older, tongkat ali gives your life a meaningful direction

Improving sexual motivation with tongkat ali and butea superba

Great sex doesn't just feel good. It also feels like the ultimate success in life.

Tongkat ali and the engineering of love (not just of sexual function)

Tongkat ali users need personal freedom to pursue sexual goals

Wrong priorities you have, if they are anything other than optimal sex


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