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Tongkat ali, velvet beans, and marijuana for a new dimension of sexual love

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Heavy metals in tongkat ali

Tongkat ali changes your life and changes your mind: from now on, everything else is subordinate to great sex

Minimal dosages of tongkat ali, as commonly sold, have no effect. If you want to avoid higher dosages of a single agent, you should stack herbals with a similar effect.

Stacking sexual enhancement herbals is the most rational approach for enhancing libido and testosterone

Several herbals in a stacking regimen achieve better results than a single herbal, with fewer potential side effects

Stacking or alternating tongkat ali and butea superba for optimal testosterone

Genuine tongkat ali is no health risk, even at a generous dosage

But fake tongkat ali has killed numerous people. Better be careful!

For safe sexual enhancement, buy government-approved herbals, use as stack

If you purchased fake (allegedly standardized) 1:200 tongkat ali extract, you can get a free samples of genuine Indonesian 1:200 tongkat ali extract from us, so you can compare

Why Sumatra Pasak Bumi does not standardize tongkat ali, and avoids corresponding claims

Why genuine Indonesian 1:200 tongkat ali extract, unfortunately, cannot be cheap

If you live somewhere in the countryside, you may want to consider growing your own tongkat ali. We are a full-service tongkat ali company, and thus also sell seeds.

Only our tongkat ali and other testosterone enhancement herbals come in special estrogen-avoidance packaging

Butea superba, which raises testosterone like tongkat ali, is also used in sports doping

Krachai dam (Kaempferia parviflora) for sexual prowess and an edge in sports (especially kickboxing)

Tongkat ali elevates testosterone, and testosterone controls blood pressure

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Butea superba, combined with tongkat ali can give you a feeling of sexual success

Buying tongkat ali can be tricky

Fake tongkat ali can be quite dangerous

Tongkat ali is for those who seek sexual desire at any age

Should you worry about consuming too many gelatine capsules

Tongkat ali, so men will enjoy sex at any age

Genuine tongkat ali extract can have a low price

If you bought fake tongkat ali, get a free sample of the real thing

Tongkat ali scams are numerous

Sumatra Pasak Bumi's Indonesian 1:200 tongkat ali extract more than doubled testosterone (this does not apply to fakes, even if they pirate our lab reports)

Tongkat ali, together with butea superba and krachai dam can have a great impact on general health

Tongkat ali raises testosterone, and testosterone raises dopamine

Tongkat ali can help you get rid of migraines

Sumatra Pasak Bumi, owner of this site, has been selling tongkat ali for almost 30 years

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It's a hallmark of mafia trade that they don't obey laws or standards of honesty. They obviously cheat buyers

The case against tongkat ali standardization

Tongkat ali fertility stack

Tongkat ali is a slender tree, not a shrub

The tongkat ali info on the web is getting ever worse

Bored with sex? Stack your brain into youthful excitement

Tongkat ali for a healthy prostate and high testosterone

Increased semen volume with tongkat ali from Sumatra Pasak Bumi

The active ingredients of tongkat ali (no, not eurycomanone)

Fake tongkat ali is cheap (with a lot of profit for the seller), but you can buy genuine tongkat ali even cheaper

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Tongkat ali and butea superba effects on health

Free tongkat ali samples

Damian Bush's online sex shop, sort of

Intense orgasms with tongkat ali

Tongkat ali studied as cancer treatment

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Good sex like crazy

How to manipulate your brain to experience the best possible sex

I tried all dopaminergics to check whether they improve sex. Here is what I found out.

Mind you: prolactin is the number one sex drive killer

How you can keep prolactin down with mucuna pruriens, and possibly live longer than 100 years

Some people enhance Mucuna pruriens with ergot derivates, but for others, side effects can be severe

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You should try Thai butea superba for superb sex. It works for me.

Butea superba and the aging male

Butea superba in sports doping

Sound scientific research into the effectiveness of butea superba

How does butea superba feel

How safe is butea superba for sexual enhancement, and human consumption in general?

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I can help you to improve your sex life and your physique with tongkat ali and butea superba

Sensational curries

Basics of manipulating

Maximizing sexual experience

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Why stacking with Sumatra Pasak Bumi is the solution

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No need to buy fake 1:200 tongkat ali - the genuine product is same price

Aspects of sexual market value

Protecting the interests of women

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You want genuine tongkat ali, don't be gullible

Understanding women

Female sexuality

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Tongkat ali for a healthy prostate and higher testosterone levels

Tongkat ali reduces estrogen, but when off tongkat ali, there may be no sex drive

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Price comparison krachai dam

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Play sex and health safe; don't gamble with fake supplements

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Black ginger is an amazing herb

Men's concerns with penis size and erection quality

Marxism and personal values

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Why butea superba is at the core of successful male lives

The importance of location

What we are

On eurycomalongifolia.net

You will find that tongkat ali and butea superba combined is much stronger than each by itself

A dialectical view of morals

Cultural imperialism

A gentle society, on practical, not moral grounds

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How to have a large penis?

Problems with the female orgasm

The future of time travel, and this is how it will be done

Sex-negative feminism facilitating violent societies

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Sexual stimulation and release is what gives your life meaning

Restricting American men abroad

Anti-child prostitution hypocrisy

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For me neurochemistry is superior philosophy, and drugs are the key to paradise

Migraine trigger food

Neuropharmacology – the alternative route to happiness

Relocate with money

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Malefront is about male sexual success through biological engineering and social engineering

Male competition or male solidarity?

The food you eat is the cause of your headaches, but what food?

Male solidarity instead of male competition

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Powerful testosterone boosters can have profound effects on some individuals

An alternative legal theory

Biology of behavior

How to drink wine and cognac

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Scientific proof for the libido effect of L-dopa (mucuna pruriens)

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Sex is a religion with butea superba

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Krachai dam is a truely amazing herb

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Your wife can climax. Take my word for it

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For me neurochemistry is superior philosophy, and drugs are the key to paradise

Migraine trigger food

Neuropharmacology – the alternative route to happiness

Relocate with money

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Durian for superior health

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Libido orgasm stack instead of Viagra

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We recommend tongkat ali, butea superba, and krachai dam for the ultimate diet

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Mucuna pruriens extract is about the only supplement for sexual desire

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Your life is getting worse. Improve it with Southeast Asian herbals

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Being sick... go and see a doc! See us if unsatisfied

Better sex or money in the bank?

Why do I exist?

What produces a soul

Yohimbine pharmacology

The advantages of poor societies

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Butea superba, tongkat ali, and how to return optimism to your life

Conflicts between genes and self-cognition

Ideal weight forever

Yohimbe and erectile dysfunction

Target of strategies

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What is the difference between tongkat ali and butea superba?

Why immigrants in Europe have all reason to resist integration and assimilation

Sexual economics and refugee migration

Sexual economics in violent societies

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Why you need the butea superba / tongkat ali Libido Formula

Reining in male sexuality

An intellectual avant-garde imposing personal freedom

Moral-values philosophy

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Dosage advice for butea superba extract powder and capsules

Sex tourism and sexual economics

Conflicts between genes and self-cognition


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